Annabis Caribbean is excited to be present in the Caribbean Market. Torres Torres LLC, based out of Puerto Rico, has acquired the rights to represent Annabis in the Caribbean region. Annabis Natural Hemp Skin Care products are developed and manufactured by Annabis s.r.o., based in the European Union, who has been producing safe and natural skincare products featuring hemp ingredient compounds, known for their natural moisturizing ability and other beneficial properties. They are well distributed around the globe and are available in over 30 countries on 4 continents. With another business unit, they were pioneers in medical cannabis (RX) and had one of the first licenses in EU in the field.

“We are proud to be working with Annabis to bring their products to the Caribbean. We have been working together with the Annabis s.r.o. team to make it a reality. Our team has been doing internal product testings and the results have been amazing. We are excited to work and develop the brand in the Caribbean.

While Annabis products feature an impressive array of various natural ingredients, the key input in all their products are hemp derivatives. Through decades of research by Dr. Bohuslav Dolezal, Annabis R&D Director and Professor of Analytical Chemistry, Annabis has developed unique formulations where the hemp and other natural ingredients create a synergistic effect to help people feel their best. Annabis products are not tested on animals and are cruelty-free.

Frequently, Hemp is miscategorized as a dangerous hallucinogen. The term Hemp, however, represents strains of Cannabis that possess THC levels so low that there aren’t any psychotropic effects. When hemp ingredients are used in Annabis skincare products there is no residual THC, only the valuable healthy properties, so they are safe for the whole family.

About Annabis Ltd.

Annabis, founded in the EU in 2010, is an independent owner-managed company focused on improving customer ‘wellness’ through research and development, and collaboration with Universities and research labs. We are proud to produce safe hemp products, natural and organic cosmetics and dietary supplements with no THC. Annabis was one of the first companies in the EU legally dealing with medical cannabis. They are also in multiple partnerships with Canopy Growth Corporation, the world leader in the cannabis industry.