As for camphor itself, it has significant anti-inflammatory effects. It has been used as a counter-irritant for rheumatism and arthritis for ages. In general, camphor helps to relieve swelling and pain and works easily on irritated, inflamed and itchy skin. Camphor in synergy with capsaicin contained in red-hot pepper extract along with cinnamon enables us to experience Arthrocann/Activecann Warming Gel’s significant warming effect. All of the Annabis camphor family products are designed to help, prevent and relieve.

Annabis products are the top-selling skin products on the hemp market worldwide. Menthol Hemp Gel together with Arthrocann/Activecann Gel and Hemp Gel contains camphor as one of its main natural substances which together with other unique components create a synergy of marvelous soothing gel designed to be used after any physical activity and is also highly appreciated by elderly people.


Many people use it. A lot of people don’t like it. Is it a herb? Or is it something that was designed in a laboratory?  Too many questions dealing with a waxy, flammable element with a super-strong aroma which is found in innumerable cosmetic products.

Cinnamomum camphora is where it all starts. This evergreen tree native to China, also to southern Japan, Korea, and Vietnam, and many other countries where it has been introduced, is the source of this world-famous natural cosmetic component.

Camphor has been for long centuries produced as a product of relevant forest trees. By condensation of vapor of the roasted wood scratch. Later, by the technique of passing steam via the shattered wood chips and then the vapors were condensed. All accompanied by heavy scent. Note that even by picking and crushing a tree leave the smell is very intense. But do not get confused! Camphor can also be synthetically produced from the oil of turpentine. Turpentine is fluid gained by distillation from living trees. Nowadays, it is the most common camphor production.

The use of camphor is extremely wide. The sublimating capacity gives endless possibilities. People have been using camphor in plastic production, for medicinal use, as a perfume ingredient, for a culinary purpose, or even in traditional medicine and Hindu ceremonies.