Psoriasis belongs to hereditary diseases. The risk of developing it in child age is about 8-30% for one sick parent; if both parents have psoriasis, the probability for the child is up to 75%. The first manifestations are more frequent after teenage. Before 16 years it starts in 25-45% of cases, in 10% it starts before 10 years and in 2% before 2 years. Congenital psoriasis is very rare. In small children, psoriasis usually begins after an infectious disease caused most often by streptococcus (angina). Therefore, it’s sometimes mixed up with the response to the antibiotics used to treat the infection. Psoriasis is a rash in the form of dozens to hundreds of red tiny spots or pimples with dandruffs on the surface.

Some tips for parents of psoriatic patients:

Bathing: Forget classic soap, use clean water or mild washing gels, preferably on natural basis. Wash the skin gently with cotton swabs, never rub the skin.

Hydration: The skin also needs water in the form of creams or balms. Consult a physician for a suitable skin care product.

Calmness: The condition of the psoriatic skin changes depending on the psychological well-being. Especially in the winter, when the problems get worse, slow down and look for calmer activities.

Dressing: Synthetic fabrics have no place in the psoriatic wardrobe. Replace it with cotton, bamboo or hemp.

Natural products to reduce the symptoms of psoriasis in children:

Skin affected by psoriasis needs everyday care. Some creams and emulsions designed for young children also work due to the natural ingredients, which, unlike corticoids, are safe even for a long-term use. Treating the skin with conventional cosmetics can cause side effects, especially in sensitive child skin. Otherwise, natural creams nourish children’s soft skin and helps minimize itching and irritation. Therefore, the search for a suitable cream or balm is a constant problem in the lives of people suffering from psoriasis.

If you are looking for natural cosmetics for the care of a psoriatic person, you can seek our natural products that can be used for better care and relief from irritation.

Atopicann hemp cream has been specially designed for everyday relief of symptoms of extremely dry skin, which is also characteristic for atopic or psoriatic skin. Its natural formula combines ingredients such as zinc, colloidal silver, sea salt and peat, which together with hemp oil provide the skin with a great moisturizing and soothing power.

Balcann hemp balm is perfect for moisturizing the skin daily. This 100% natural ointment is suitable for local use, nourishes those areas intensively and brings relief from unpleasant feelings of tension and itching. It leaves skin calm, gentle and deeply hydrated. It spreads well and can help to the rapid renewal of the skin barrier, which protects the skin against unwanted drying.

Bodycann shampoo and shower gel 2 in 1 for children, which thanks to gentle washing natural substances and marigold can reduce the itching, redness or tension of the skin.

Bodycann Body Milk, contains Dead Sea salt with a large portion of trace elements and minerals which nourish the skin and help its natural recovery.

Cannol hemp oil, thanks to its high content of unsaturated fatty acids, effectively regenerates the skin film.