Conventional cosmetics work well, just like the natural one. So why to take an extra step and pay more for natural or organic cosmetics? When we take a closer look at natural cosmetics, we find out that there is a significant difference. It matters, because health is the most important thing one has.

Unlike the regular cosmetics, the natural one does not contain any harmful substances that can harm your health when used for prolonged periods. These harmful substances won’t just stay on the surface of your skin, but they also can do harm deeper in your body. During the manufacturing process, the producer has no obligation to use any natural substance so synthetic substances are often used. Understandably the synthetically modified substances are much cheaper and for the cosmetic industry much favourable. They won’t harm you, on the other hand they won’t help either. For example, silicon which you find in nearly every product. It gives you a false impression of smooth skin. It is not just silicones, other ingredients are for example foaming agents, substances made from petroleum, colourants and solvents.

Try the natural and organic cosmetics instead, where there is no risk that you will apply fake impression of improvement to your skin. Our natural and organic cosmetics is made from high quality ingredients, plant or herb extracts and other natural components. Natural cosmetics is made without use of synthetic perfumes, colourants, silicones, petroleum derivates such as parabens, mineral oils or paraffins. Finally keep in mind that our skin is the largest organ of our body so we should take care of it accordingly.

And to be sure you are really using the natural or organic cosmetics, look for certificates. Our cosmetics is labelled as CPK natural and CPK organic.