What is psoriasis?

A chronic inflammatory skin disease with excessive skin activity which is manifested by the formation of typical centres covered with larger amounts of silvery scales. We can also understand it is a genetically-conditioned disease, a polygenic disease, when a number of factors contribute to triggering the mechanism of the disease. It is necessary to mention a possible joint disability, the so-called psoriatic arthritis; it is present in up to 30% of patients. There are many triggering or provoking factors of the disease – infections, stress. The course of the disease may be adversely affected by some drugs, alcohol, smoking, or even metabolic factors such as liver disease or diabetes.

Where does psoriasis actually come from?

Psoriasis is a chronic, inflammatory skin disease. It is passed down genetically. In case of this disease, the skin accelerates the ‘maturing’ of the cells. The skin is formed in layers, and it takes 28 days for a mature skin cell to get to the surface. Then the basic cell layer matures and gets to the surface of the skin, such is the normal course. However, in case of psoriasis, the cell will reach the surface very early, often in 4 days, i.e. 7 times faster. But these cells are immature. The skin is therefore scaly, made of purple plastic inflammatory centres. The most frequent occurrence of the disease is recorded around the age of twenty and then between the age of forty and fifty; in case of women often at the time of climacterium when hormonal changes can also cause skin problems. The disease cannot be cured, but its symptoms can be successfully minimized.

To successfully fight psoriasis, it is good to follow several principles:

  • psychological well-being, sufficient movement
  • strengthening immunity
  • maintaining a varied and balanced diet
  • sufficient sleep and fluid intake

Skin care using natural cosmetics with herbal extracts is also important. Hemp cosmetics containing zinc and peat are also suitable. Try to soothe the skin with Atopicann organic cream, the natural hemp cream for special care of skin with the manifestation of eczematous and psoriatic skin. Atopicann with a high content of hemp oil, hemp seed extract and several other effective compounds refine, smooth and nourish your skin, and support its regeneration and leave you with a soothing feeling.

Why is Atopicann organic skin cream better than the other skin creams?


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