Natural cosmetics doesn’t contain synthetic perfumes or dyes, silicones, transgenic or oil derivatives such as parabens, mineral oils, or paraffins. Don’t forget that skin is the largest organ in your body. Take care of it accordingly.


The most frequent statement, but it’s true. No organ functions independently of the others, and if we don’t take a good care of one, this may manifest in another one. Our body is a sophisticated system where everything has its substantiation and function. A proper care of our skin can save us a lot of troubles. Furthermore, a glowing healthy complexion, shining thick hair, and firm skin are the definition of beauty.


We’ve slowly become accustomed to reading the composition of foods. We’re what we eat and the same holds for cosmetics. Skin absorbs everything we give to it, which is why we should be strongly interested in composition when it comes to cosmetics. To make sure cosmetics is truly natural, look for the logo of certification companies so that you can be certain about the products’ quality.


It’s not only about our health, but also about healthy environment for all. You can’t lead a healthy life in an unhealthy, destroyed environment. Most brands of natural cosmetics testify to this philosophy and the enthusiasm of their founders. But even if we were to take the pragmatic approach, you need to get natural ingredients somewhere if you want to make products out of them. Harming one’s business by harming the environment is rather short-sighted. By purchasing natural cosmetics, you support all of these aspects. It’s only up to you how much you want to contribute.


Natural cosmetics saves you money! How’s that possible? You make a one-time saving on a cheap product, but natural cosmetics pays off long-term. That’s because the usual products at best mask the problem, and at worst cause new ones to emerge. On the other hand, natural cosmetics tries to whip you into shape so that you’re beautiful and healthy. Forget about using tons of ointments and other things which altogether cost a fortune and time and solve your problems only temporarily.


What doesn’t harm in a single small dose can cause problems in case of a prolonged use; lead, for example, or other questionable ingredients which can often be found in conventional cosmetics. Sometimes, such harmful effects are detected years after the product was launched. Additionally, the term “cocktail effect” is starting to be notorious. Over the course of each day, we generally use several products. Although each one of them contains only safe, small amount of an undesirable substance, their effect is cumulative, and they get through the skin inside the body. How strong this cocktail ultimately becomes is fortunately up to you.


Probably the biggest advantage of natural cosmetics is its long-term effect. When you use products which enhance the skin’s resistance, harmonize its functions, and don’t harm it needlessly, you might not see the effect the very next day. However, after a while you’ll be enjoying it all the time. That’s because natural cosmetics isn’t about immediate improvement, rather about providing a permanent remedy. We want skin which is clear, healthy, and ages as slowly as possible.

     “Choose natural products which respect both your body and our planet.”