Atopic eczema is, for many reasons, unpleasant not only for children but also adults. How can we help ourselves? The cause of atopic eczema is the tendency of the body to over-react to substances. It is aggravated by animal products such as cow’s milk, eggs, but also fish or citrus fruit. It is also adversely affected by weather changes and stress. The term eczema is derived from the Greek word ‘eczeo’ meaning something that rises to the surface, that is to say the surface of the skin. From this we can conclude that it is appropriate to treat eczema primarily internally, when the disharmony of the body manifests itself on our skin.

1) Exclude allergens

Treatment plays an important role in whether we are able to identify allergens and exclude them. Watch your side and write down your diet, making it clearer which substances may not be doing you well after some time. Visit an allergist and an immunologist who can confirm the substances that are not beneficial to you.

2) Adjust your regimen

The main thing, however, is adjusting your regimen. Have enough movement and sleep in particular, it is very important for the regeneration of our body. Avoid artificial fibres, leather fabric and wool fabric.

3) Beware of washing

Use only natural washing detergents, preferably marked as Sensitive, which are also suitable for small children. Also is better to avoid fabric softeners or to use a natural fabric softener.

4) Shower and bath

You should be aware whether a regular washing does you good or, on the contrary, it is not beneficial to your skin. Tap water dries it in most cases, and if you want to indulge in a bath, it is advisable to add Cannol hemp oil to the bath. Skin hydration and body lotion application are required after each bath. Bodycann body milk is suitable even for the most sensitive skin.

5) It is appropriate to adapt the environment

Eczematous persons should live in a smoke-free environment, preferably without animals carrying viruses and allergens. It is appropriate to live without carpets and do not use feather blankets and pillows. It is advisable to maintain humidity in your flat, for example, with ionizers or diffusers in which you can add essential oils that are good for your psyche.

6) Adjust your eating habits

Eczema must be solved internally. The most important is the omission of animal products, especially cow’s milk and products thereof (milk, cheese, cream, etc.) that do not belong in a healthy human organism either. High allergens include nuts, tomatoes, wheat, strawberries, citrus fruit, chocolate, almonds, fish, crustaceans, smoked meat products and red meat. It is advisable to use at least one tablespoon of hemp oil a day, which contains the ideal ratio of unsaturated fatty acids Omega-3 and Omega-6, containing the necessary vitamins and minerals. Try to reduce sugar and drink enough fluids, especially clean, non-sparkling water. Strengthen your immune system with high doses of vitamin C and other superfoods, such as Aloe vera, green barley or Chlorella.

7) Try hemp cosmetic

The natural and long-term solution is hemp. Products can be added to your bath, applied on skin, used to protect or nourish the skin. Hemp foods provide the necessary substances and nutrition from within. Hemp has high antibacterial effects and has a particularly beneficial effect on skin problems. It is important to select the right product.

8) Beware of corticosteroids

Physicians most often prescribe corticoids for eczema treatment, but these may have side effects and the eczema often returns after discontinuing them. Corticoid ointment treatment is always in the hands of a doctor as it is not completely free of side effects. Atopicann natural cream is suitable after the corticoid treatment as it can significantly enhance the overall condition and appearance of the skin with regular application.