Hemp cosmetics for children’s skin

Hemp cosmetics for children’s skin

Forget that you would put your body lotion on your baby’s skin or wash his/her hair with your shampoo! Children’s skin is very delicate, especially in the first year of their life when your baby has to cope with the fact that the environment is no longer as enjoyable and safe as the mother’s womb. They encounter a number of bacteria and new situations they react to – often in the form of rashes or soreness. In addition, the baby’s skin is much thinner than the one of an adult, so you need to take particularly gentle care of it.

We recommend using only natural products containing no parabens, sulphates, phthalates, preservatives and chemical perfumes – these can start various dermatological problems, especially in the smallest ones. Although these substances are legally authorized, there is evidence of possible irritation, contributing to the imbalance of the skin film, and your baby‘s skin can become more sensitive, dry, and more susceptible to irritation later on.

In particular, your baby’s skin should be well hydrated. For skin care, it is best to use moisturizing lotions or milks. Bodycann Body Milk – Natural Body Milk with Cannabis Oil and Dead Sea Salt is a safe choice. Thanks to its formula, the lotion is also suitable for sensitive skin with signs of skin eczema and psoriasis. On the contrary, oil is not so suitable for your little ones, it clogs the pores and the skin cannot breathe so well. If your baby’s skin seems drier, the ideal go-for option is to add a few drops of oil into the bath. Try out 100 % natural Cannol hemp oil with high levels of essential fatty acids Omega 3-6, vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, C, E, phytosterols, phytin and a number of important minerals.

Another unpleasant condition that perhaps afflicts every baby is soreness. How to prevent them? Mainly thorough good hygiene routine with a focus on changing your baby’s diapers regularly, so that the baby’s skin does not remain in contact with urine or faeces for too long. Diapers should also be breathable to allow the skin to breathe. It is also necessary to clean the child thoroughly in the intimate area, including the skin folds, and then treat the skin.

Our Bio Hemp Balcann Ointment is an ideal choice for skin care for diaper rash. It leaves the skin calm, soft and deeply hydrated. Aside from baby and infant skin, it also effectively treats irritated skin on nipples. This 100% natural ointment does wonders, and you can use it as a complementary skin care when it comes to atopic eczema and psoriasis.

If the skin is exposed to an unfavorable weather conditions, especially in the winter, we recommend using an ointment on unprotected parts of the body. Moisturizing creams are unsuitable, as the water in them can freeze. All of the mentioned products are CPK natural and CPK bio certificated.

Choose Annabis, the natural & organic hemp cosmetics

Choose Annabis, the natural & organic hemp cosmetics

Natural cosmetics doesn’t contain synthetic perfumes or dyes, silicones, transgenic or oil derivatives such as parabens, mineral oils, or paraffins. Don’t forget that skin is the largest organ in your body. Take care of it accordingly.


The most frequent statement, but it’s true. No organ functions independently of the others, and if we don’t take a good care of one, this may manifest in another one. Our body is a sophisticated system where everything has its substantiation and function. A proper care of our skin can save us a lot of troubles. Furthermore, a glowing healthy complexion, shining thick hair, and firm skin are the definition of beauty.


We’ve slowly become accustomed to reading the composition of foods. We’re what we eat and the same holds for cosmetics. Skin absorbs everything we give to it, which is why we should be strongly interested in composition when it comes to cosmetics. To make sure cosmetics is truly natural, look for the logo of certification companies so that you can be certain about the products’ quality.


It’s not only about our health, but also about healthy environment for all. You can’t lead a healthy life in an unhealthy, destroyed environment. Most brands of natural cosmetics testify to this philosophy and the enthusiasm of their founders. But even if we were to take the pragmatic approach, you need to get natural ingredients somewhere if you want to make products out of them. Harming one’s business by harming the environment is rather short-sighted. By purchasing natural cosmetics, you support all of these aspects. It’s only up to you how much you want to contribute.


Natural cosmetics saves you money! How’s that possible? You make a one-time saving on a cheap product, but natural cosmetics pays off long-term. That’s because the usual products at best mask the problem, and at worst cause new ones to emerge. On the other hand, natural cosmetics tries to whip you into shape so that you’re beautiful and healthy. Forget about using tons of ointments and other things which altogether cost a fortune and time and solve your problems only temporarily.


What doesn’t harm in a single small dose can cause problems in case of a prolonged use; lead, for example, or other questionable ingredients which can often be found in conventional cosmetics. Sometimes, such harmful effects are detected years after the product was launched. Additionally, the term “cocktail effect” is starting to be notorious. Over the course of each day, we generally use several products. Although each one of them contains only safe, small amount of an undesirable substance, their effect is cumulative, and they get through the skin inside the body. How strong this cocktail ultimately becomes is fortunately up to you.


Probably the biggest advantage of natural cosmetics is its long-term effect. When you use products which enhance the skin’s resistance, harmonize its functions, and don’t harm it needlessly, you might not see the effect the very next day. However, after a while you’ll be enjoying it all the time. That’s because natural cosmetics isn’t about immediate improvement, rather about providing a permanent remedy. We want skin which is clear, healthy, and ages as slowly as possible.

     “Choose natural products which respect both your body and our planet.”

Hemp Oil versus other vegetable oils

Hemp Oil versus other vegetable oils

Annabis Bio Oli Hemp from canadiaCold-pressed bio hemp oil is unique among vegetable oils due to its composition. In addition to essential fatty acids (EFAs), it contains vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, C and E (in the form of tocopherols), phytin (used in medicine to treat anaemia), another antioxidant chlorophyll and lecithin. Standard Western diet generally contains too much fat, especially saturated fatty acids and omega-6 acids, which increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases, autoimmune diseases and cancer. Replacing foods with a high content of saturated fatty acids (most commonly meat and dairy products) with foods with a higher content of EFAs (such as cold-pressed vegetable oils) can help prevent and treat these diseases. Hemp oil is considered an optimum solution in this respect.

Energy value per


Saturated Fats Polyunsaturated fats of which Omega 6 GLA Gamma-linolenic acid Of which Omega 3 SDA Stearidonic acid Ratio Omega 3-6
Hemp oil


8 g 72.4 g 54.5 g 3.6 g 17.8 g 1.1g 3.0:1
Olive oil 14.3 g 8.2 g 7.5 g 0 g 0.7 g 0 g 10.7:1
Rapeseed oil 6.6 g 29.3 g 19.7 g 0 g 9.6 g 0 g 2.1:1
Sunflower oil 12 g 63.3 g 63.2 g 0 g 0.1 g 0 g 632.0:1
Pumpkin oil 20 g 47.7 g 47.3 g 0 g 0.4 g 0 g 118.1:1
Linseed oil 9.4 g 66 g 12.7 g 0 g 53.3 g 0 g 0.2:1
Oil Comparison
Hemp oil Hemp oil is the healthiest oil. It has a natural content of Omega 3 (including Omega 3 SDA – a more effective form of Omega 3). It has one of the lowest amounts of saturated fats and the highest content of polyunsaturated fats (essential fatty acids) among all table oils. It also contains Omega 6 GLA (usually found in evening primrose oil). It also contains the ideal “golden” ratio of Omega 6 to Omega 3.
Olive oil Olive oil contains by 40% more saturated fats than cannabis oil. Olive oil contains almost no Omega 3. In fact, hemp oil has 25 times more Omega 3 than olive oil.
Rapeseed oil Rapeseed oil contains by 50% less Omega 3 than hemp oil. It is often used for frying.
Sunflower oil Sunflower oil does not contain Omega 3. As it contains a high amount of Omega 6, it increases the lack of Omega 3 in a regular diet.
Pumpkin oil Pumpkin oil contains very little Omega 3. It is also much more expensive and not so affordable.
Linseed oil Although linseed oil has a higher Omega 3 level than cannabis oil, it does not have the correct ratio of Omega 6 to Omega 3. After some time, linseed oil could cause Omega 6 deficiency. In addition, Omega 3 in linseed oil is exclusively in the form of ALA (fatty acids with a short chain). Linseed does not contain any SDA – a more effective form of Omega 3 found in cannabis oil. It is not suitable for normal cooking and should only be stored in a refrigerator.
What do you know about hyaluronic acid?

What do you know about hyaluronic acid?

What is the hyaluronic acid?

The hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin fibers form the basic structures of the skin. Unfortunately, the amount of the hyaluronic acid decreases with age (approximately, after 40 years of age, there is only half of it) and the undesired effect is, simply put, the aging of the skin. Its properties are based on connecting the fibers of collagen and elastin and on its extraordinary ability to bind the water molecules. Its effect against aging is based also on mobilizing the skin’s production of its own hyaluronic acid, slowing down the decomposition of collagen fibers and in antioxidant activity. This compound has alleviating, regenerative effect and stimulates the formation of new skin cells. The result is the necessary hydration, elasticity and strength of the skin and its smooth, youthful appearance.

The effects of the hyaluronic acid on the skin

  • Intensive hydration
  • It makes the skin firm and smooth
  • It has anti-wrinkle effect (it swells and fills up wrinkles and cracks from the inside)
  • It forms suitable environment for reactions occurring in the skin, including the synthesis of collagen and elastin
  • It has antioxidant effects and fights free-radicals
  • It regulates cell division and rejuvenation in the skin
  • It has intensive anti-inflammatory and healing effects, it is used to treat damaged skin (for example skin damaged by burns)
  • It enables the penetration and activity of other cosmetic active substances into the deeper layers of the skin
  • It improves hair and skin quality

CREMCANN HYALURON contains 3 types of hyaluronic acid: one low molecular weight HA and two high molecular weigh HA. This hyaluronic acid is produced by bacterial fermentation. This is a new technology for obtaining hyaluronic acid using Streptococcus zooepidemicus, therefore it is produced in a non-animal form. These acids differ from each other by their molecular weight and can be divided into:

  • High molecular weight HA has no chance to penetrate into deeper layers of the skin, but there is a task for it on the skin’s surface. It adsorbs moisture from the surrounding environment and forms a barrier that prevents the transdermal loss of water and skin drying. Thanks to that, the skin maintains smooth and elastic surface. It has the ability to intensively hydrate the skin and it immediately smooths the skin.
  • Low molecular weight HA binds moisture, swells up like a sponge, seals up intercellular spaces and smooths the wrinkles of the skin. It has the ability to penetrate deeper into the skin, improves its elasticity and tension and forms moisturizing reserves and revitalizes intercellular retention of water in the skin. Low molecular weight hyaluronic acid acts in the deeper layers of the skin. That is something that the high molecular weight HA is not able to do.